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Special scanner for foam carving machine

3D scanners are widely used in automobiles and accessories; aerospace ships; rail transit; mechanical design and manufacturing; home decoration; architectural cultural relics; education and scientific research; virtual reality display; crafts and Buddha sculpture industry; 3D printing supporting industries.

Portable 3D Scanner Description:

Portable 3D Scanner  widely used in 3d sculpture carving, 3d carving handicraft processing, industrial manufacturing, mold design and manufacture a variety of areas, can quickly and efficiently obtain accurate 3d profile data of the object.


Features of 3D Laser Scanner:


- Using ONSAMI Global Shut global exposure sensor built-in 32M high-speed data cache;

- Based on TI-DLP@1280*800 high-speed grating generator design;

- Integrated GPU-CUDA accelerated feature matching and non-stick point cloud splicing module to realize real-time fusion and free scanning;

- Using 8mm standard optical measurement lens module;

- 800FPS high frame rate data acquisition 0.01s high-speed 3D reconstruction;

- Integrate high-speed global self-reflective mark recognition module;

- Integrate global landmark fusion algorithm module, support large-scale continuous scanning without layering;

- Integrate global point cloud iterative fusion module to achieve efficient denoising smooth fusion;

- Extensible support for photogrammetric frame point mode scanning of super large workpieces without layering;

- Support one-click generation of standard STL 3D format by lossless triangle meshing;

- Support dual laser point auxiliary positioning;

- Integrated LED active light source intelligent supplement light;

- Based on high-speed structured light technology, it has both the convenience of hand-held and the sub-pixel high-precision characteristics of structured light;

- Support for distributed applications, which can realize simultaneous scanning of position calibration of multiple scanners;

- Provide third-party system integration API development interface, support deep customization of related modules;

- It supports one-key switching of two scanning ranges at the same time without secondary optical calibration; the software is permanently upgraded for free.

- Portable and efficient, the operator holds the device while working, and can quickly scan the measured object at any time by changing the angle and distance;

- The target point is automatically positioned, no additional robotic arm or other tracking equipment is required, and the scanned object can be moved without being fixed

- The scanned data is presented in real time, realizing "what you see is what you get";

- It can scan inside and outside, and can also scan in narrow spaces, such as aircraft cockpits, car interior dashboards, etc. Unlimited; it can scan objects of various sizes and shapes, and it can be easily handled.

Portable 3D Scanner Parameter:


Advantage Of Special Scanner For Foam Carving Machine:

- Dark and black objects can be scanned directly, getting rid of the dependence on contrast enhancers;

- Two scanning modes, which can scan with or without a dot, saving a lot of time.

- High precision and fast speed.

Handheld 3D Scanners  Application:






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