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The Most Popular Stone CNC Machine In 2021

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What is the stone CNC router?

 Stone CNC router is specially designed for all kinds of stone processing. It is suitable for the carving and engraving on various types of stone, metal, jade, crystal, wood, man-made materials, synthetic materials, etc. The main functions include embossing, lettering, hollowing out, cutting, seamless stitching, surface treatment, table milling and so on. And it is widely used in inscriptions, garden engineering, large-scale sculptures, handicraft carvings, home improvement, film and other industries.


Product Description:

stone CNC machine is welded with thicker square tube and is processed by high tempreture tempering treatment, good regidity and heavy loading.

For any stone CNC machine three axes adopt Taiwa Hiwin High precesion square guide rail, X and Y axes adopt rack and penion transmission, fast working, high efficiency and low cost, Z axis adopts Taiwan made TBI ball screw, with high precision and longevity.

Features of stone CNC machine

Three axises adopt imported linear orbit, two line sliding track, heavy loading, stable working, high precision, longlife time.

Whole seamless weld steel structure, wheels on CNC routertable, not easy to distort, the table back lining is armor plate, good rigidity, the machine can bear 1 MT at least.

Constant power spindle and motor, strong cutting capacity, high efficiency,Well compatibility, compatible software CAD/CAM, such as Type3,  Artcam, Castmate, Wentai, CorelDraw.

Double direction cutters cooling stem can prolong the life time of using.

Parameter Configuration

X, Y Axis Working Area mm 3000*2000
Z Axis   Working Height mm 260
Cutting   Accuracy mm 0.02
Blade   Diameter mm 350mm
X/Y-axis Cutting Speed mm/min 1-2000
Zaxis Cutting   Speed mm/min 1-1000
A-axis   Cutting Speed R/min 0-7
RPM rpm 2800
Working   Voltage V/Hz AC 380V±10%/50-60Hz
Machine   Weight kg 2400

Whinch problem does it solve for the stone fabricator ?

Whether you work on benchtops or tombstones this CNC fabrication equipment represents the “smoothest” way to go from a manual to an automated machining, thanks to:

its accessible price

its pre-installed macros of the native software, that facilitate the “transition” for those used to work manually

its reduced footprint, suitable also for small-medium workshops

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