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Vinyl Flatbed Digital Knife Plotter Cutting Machine

Flatbed cutting plotter is a type of smart CNC digital cutting machine with automatic cutting & finishing for vinyl stickers, vinyl labels, vinyl lettering, vinyl signs, vinyl lettering, digital printing & signage in home shop, small business, or industrial manufacturing.
  • IGK-6040




Digital Cutting Plotter

Digital Knife Plotter Cutting Machine is a type of CNC cutting machine which is used for high-precision cutting of heavier flexible and semi-rigid materials.

CNC digital cutting machine is carried on the multi-tool cutting head–Vibration knife, Oblique knife, Circular knife, Punching knife, Milling knife,Punch roller and Marking pen.  CCD camera and Projector are optional for more precise cutting.

CNC Oscillating Knife Cutter

  • Digital cutting plotter can cut any material size without limitations. You can cut a small piece of material or a large piece of material with the same accuracy.

  • Digital cutting plotter helps to save money because it does not require any expensive blade. You can use it for years without replacing the blade.

  • Digital cutting plotters are easy to use and operate because they have fewer moving parts and buttons than conventional plotters.


Competitive price Digital flatbed cutting machine(as known as CNC cutter plotters) adopts automatic software, which perfectly integrates user needs into software design. It can quickly complete various processes such as full cutting, half cutting, milling, drilling, crease,marking, etc.The operation is simple and convenient, and the functions are rich and practical. With the tool quick change module, it can meet the cus-tomized needs of users.


Digital Cutting Plotter Feature

♦ Adopting an advanced vibrating knife control system, it is easy to use and can be easily upgraded and expanded for maintenance.

♦ Compact machine structure, small footprint, easy installation, and simple operation.

♦ Adopt a high-performance Japan Panasonic servo drive with high processing precision, smooth running, and fast response.

♦  Intelligent vacuum adsorption table with independent control and strong adsorption capacity.

♦ Safety anti-collision protection device and infrared automatic sensing device to protect the operator’s safety to the maximum extent during the working process of the machine.

♦  Multi-functional cutting heads can be customized according to the requirements of different industries to choose processing tools。




Application for IGOLDEN digital flatbed cutting machine?

printing,package filed.beautiy supplies.customzation;UV transfer stickers,Nail stickers stores and car decroations.

what materials of IGOLDEN digital flatbed cutting machine cuts?

Honeycomb paperboard, corrugated paper, plastic corrugated paper, gray board paper, cardboard, stickers, film, fiber composite materials, artificial leather, cloth, PU, rubber sheet, gasket, pearl cotton, fiberboard and various garment flexible materials, KT board, Chevron board, honeycomb board, car stickers, adhesive, photo frame paper, gray board paper, corrugated paper, EPE foam, PVC board, acrylic sheet, thick foam, composite materials,stickers,labels,paper cards,PU leather,PVC,PET,Vinvl, etc.



Flatbed Cutting Plottercut Plotter Corrugated Paper Digital Plotter Cutter

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Digital cnc cutting machine use super professional software to control cnc cutting machine cuts according to cut any shapes following its computer drawing.

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