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Wood Cnc Router Carving Machine with Rotary Axis

Rotary Axis CNC Router Machinecan be widely used for engraving 2d or 3d finished product, such as Roman column, stair handrail, furniture legs, statue or flat furniture or home decorations in widely industry.

Rotary Axis CNC Router Machine Description:

Some users like computer control cnc machine, it is mach3 control with handle easy operation. the rotary attachment can be removed from the working table for dual convenient use. so it is ideal choice for users who need multifunctional small router cnc.

cnc rotary engraving machine

cnc router with rotary

cnc router with rotary axis

Rotary CNC Wood Carving Machine Features:

1, Base Frame: The heavier base frame is made of heavy-duty square steel that is welded, precisely machined by gantry milling machine center, and stress relieved by vibration device so that the foundation remains true and steady over the operational life of the machine.

2, Water cooling spindle for mass processing on solid wood, M DF, acrylic, aluminum and plastics, etc; we offer different spindle options available with 220V-2 Phase- 50-60Hz or 220V-3 Phase -50-60Hz or 380V, 3Phase- 50-60Hz. Toolsdiameter is 3.175mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12.7mm.

3, Gear Rack and Linear guide: We use precision gear racks for XY AXIS, PMI linear guide rails for the X, Y, Z axis, carefully installed and regulated by experienced workers with special purpose instruments, and this assures smooth motion and long term reliability.

4, Ball Screw: High accuracy ball screw for Z axis, quality TBI Anti-Backlash center driven ball screw with 25mm or 40mm diameter and 0.01mm repositioning accuracy. The combination of ball screw and gear rack offers accuracy and high-speed machining.

5, PMI linear guide rails for X, Y, Z axis, carefully installed and regulated by experienced worker with special purpose instrument, and this assures smooth motion and long term reliability.

6, Handheld DSP 4 AXIS Controller with friendlier Human& machine interface. It well realizes high-speed and high-precision motion control.

7, Rotary Axis: Available with different cylinders, irregular objects, crutch, and cylinder crafts with various diameters.

Wood rotary CNC Machine Parameter

Working area Ø500*1000mm
Spindle HQD 5.5KW water cooling spindle
Inverter Fuling inverter
Rack Imported screw rack
Motor Leadshine servo motor and driver
Control system DSPA18
Transmission XY imported screw rack  Z TBI ball   screw
Guide rail HIWIN linear guide
Beam and columns Steel beam ,cast iron columns,5s anti-vibration
Body structure Heavy steel tube welded body structure
Dust collector Optional
Control box Independent control box
Auxiliary device Woodworking tool kit
Lubrication system Manual oiling

The Detail

Cylindrical wood engraving machine

wood cnc router carving machine with rotary axis

cnc rotary engraving machine

The Sample

cnc router with rotary

3d Cnc Wood Carving Machine With Rotary Axis Application:

Except for the cutting, drilling, pocketing, routing, and other functions that a 3 axis router machine can achieve, it is also good at making cylindrical parts. For example, wood table and chair legs, wood handrails, wood or plaster building columns, 3D statues of wood, rubber, foam, etc.

Roman column carving

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