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5 Axis CNC Machine Wood Engraving Cutting Router

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In our set of CNC router and wood carving machines, you can find this 5 axis cnc machine wood that enables 5 axis CNC machining. This is a high-speed precision machine that use cutting tools to remove material. This machine as the very name implies can move the part in 5 different axes at a same time. It can perform complex machining through its three linear axes and two rotational axes. It is better than a 3-axis CNC router as it can complete a job in one set-up, rather many set-ups. 5 axis CNC router is great for achieving complex designs, quickly removing material, achieving better surface finish and saving time.

5 axis cnc machine wood

5 axis wood carving machine is different from 3 axis wood router machine because it has a flexible robotic arm on the gantry. The spindle can not only rotate inward and outward but also turn around. It seems there are two rotate joints on the robotic arm. This makes it possible to engrave the surface of the wood and make a 3D shape.

Advantages of 5 axis cnc wood

5 axis cnc wood cutter machine system is the only means to solve the processing of impeller, blade, marine propeller, heavy-duty generator rotor, steam turbine rotor, large diesel engine crankshaft and so on. It is a high-tech, high-precision machine tool for processing complex curved surfaces. The machine tool system has a significant influence on a country’s aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision instruments, high-precision medical equipment, and other industries.

The use of a 5 Axis CNC Cutting Machine makes the clamping of the workpiece easy. No special fixtures are needed during processing, which reduces the cost of the fixture, avoids multiple clamping and improves the precision of mold processing. Machining molds with 5 Axis technology can reduce the number of fixtures used. In addition, because the five-axis linkage machine saves many special tools during machining, the tool cost is reduced. The 5 Axis CNC Cutting machine can increase the effective cutting edge length of the tool during machining, reduce the cutting force, improve the tool life and reduce the cost.

Using a five-axis CNC Router processing mold can quickly complete the mold processing, fast delivery, better guarantee the processing quality of the mold, make mold processing easier, and make mold modification easier. In the traditional mold processing, the vertical machining center is generally used to complete the milling of the workpiece. With the continuous development of mold manufacturing technology, some weaknesses of the vertical machining center itself are becoming more and more obvious. Modern mold processing is generally processed by ball-end milling cutters. The benefits of ball-end milling cutters in mold processing are very obvious, but if a vertical machining center is used, the bottom line has zero line speed, so the bottom surface has a poor finish. If the four or five-axis linkage machining technology is used to process the mold, the above shortcomings can be overcome.

5 axis cnc wood configuration:

Description Parameters
Working area 1200*2000*500mm
Transmission XYZ axes Taiwan TBI Ball screw 40,table moving structure
Servo motor Japan YASAKAWA
Spindle 14KW Italy SMC HITECO, KOS 360°
Inverter Taiwan Delta
Guide rails Taiwan Hinwin 30mm
Table structure Aluminum T slot
Tools magazine
8 carousel tools
Tool senior

5 axis cnc machine wood features:

1). Double-table design increases the working efficiency by allowing loading and unloading operations on one station without interrupting the work cycle;

2). Taiwan Syntec control system, advanced function and easy to operate with high precision;

3). This mini 5 axis CNC machining center kit is equipped with 5 synchronizing interpolated axes; Real-Time Tool Center Point Rotation (RTCP), well suited for 3D curved surface processing;

4). Heavy duty machine frame of 5 axis cnc machining center is welded by thick steels, reliable and durable with no deformation;

5). Optional T-Slot vacuum m table with a powerful vacuum pump for vacuum clamping;

6). World top brand parts for the excellent working performance;

7). Advanced ATC system with 8 tools for different works.

5 axis wood carving machine applications:

 5 axis CNC machine is designed to deliver high speed and highquality cuts for a wide range of materials, including but are not limited to wood, plastics, non ferrous metals and other composites. The CNC machine will provide various new applications including: 1. Edge trimming of thermoformed plastic, molded plastic and composite parts. The flexibility of the CNC machine creates the ability to provide high quality finishing and edge trimming on many manufactured plastic items. 2. Deep cavity mold making. On three-axis machines deep cavity mold making requires that you have longer tools to be able to reach deep enough. Having longer tools results in the user having to reduce cutting speed to prevent breakage. With the added movement provide by 5 axis machining, shorter tools can be used, and your cutting speed can be increased. 3. Molded plywood chairs and decorative furniture parts. The machine allows for unique shaping and molding of various materials, allowing you to make your creative and dynamic designs a reality. 4. Detailed 3D carvings. The increase in movement of the cutting tool on the machine allows it to carve intricate designs into a piece of material. It allows you to capture the fine details of your design in the job you are cutting. 

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