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Application of CNC foam cutting machine

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CNC foam cutting machine is suitable for engraving EPS foam molds, wooden molds and other non-metallic molds, especially automobile molds, ship molds, aviation molds or trains. The machine also specializes in processing high-quality foam products in other industries, such as carving, decoration, packaging and furniture industries.

CNC foam cutting machine has good rigidity, and its frame structure is made through strict heat treatment process. If you are looking for a reliable foam cutting machine, the CNC foam cutter is the ideal choice. You can read the following and understand how CNC foam cutting machine demonstrate their versatility in different industries.

Function of CNC foam cutting machine

From the above content, we can know that the foam cutting machine has many advantages in processing foam, wood and other materials:

First of all, CNC foam processing is stable. The heavy frame structure adopts seamless welding of steel structure, which makes the machine very stable during high-speed processing. The bed, side panels and beams undergo strict high temperature aging treatment. The parts have high rigidity, no deformation, stable performance and long service life.

Secondly, the processing precision of CNC foam cutter is high. Processing is automatic, and there are almost no errors during processing. In addition, CNC foam cutting machine usually use high-end rails and grids to ensure the stability and accuracy of the processing process. More importantly, engineers often install anti-resonance technology with a triangular structure on the Z axis, which greatly reduces resonance and improves engraving accuracy.

Third, CNC foam processing is very flexible in 3D wood/foam carving. The rotating spindle of the 4-axis or 5-axis CNC foam cutter can balance and engrave 3D parts with different angles. A good control system can flexibly control the engraving path through optimized layout. More importantly, the high-end inverter has stable performance and can quickly accelerate the spindle.

Recommend 4 best-selling CNC foam cutting machines


1.CNC foam machine with linear automatic tool changer

The linear tool changer with 8 types of tools can simultaneously complete the processing of complex parts, greatly improving the processing efficiency.



2.Double-layer Foam CNC Router for Foam Molds

Compared with other foam engraving machine, this machine has a larger working size.



3. EPS foam CNC machine with rotating device

Like other CNC EPS engraving machine, it is especially suitable for automobile foam molds, wooden boat molds, aviation wooden molds, trains and other wooden molds.



4. 3D CNC foam cutting machine

The foam cutting machine is fixed with screws, and the entire structure has undergone extreme tests for strength and reliability.


The foam cutting machine has high processing accuracy, which is very suitable for carving foam and making high-quality shoes. Users only need to import their shoe design, and the foam cutting machine can produce the desired product. In addition, for foam DIY lovers, can enable them to carve and make exquisite decorations with foam or other useful foam products.

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