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Laser cutting machine application in which industry

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At present, optical fiber laser cutting machine in China's main metal processing industry has been gradually popularized, then mainstream applications in which industries?

1. Automobile industry. Automobile industry many corners such as car door, automobile exhaust pipe, etc. after forming some superfluous corner or Burr need to deal with, if the use of artificial words at first difficult to achieve precision, followed by a lot of efficiency. The use of laser cutting machine can be faster batch processing.

2. Advertising industry. Advertising industry as a result of more customization, using the traditional method of low efficiency, the use of laser cutting machine, no matter how thick the plate, no matter how many glyphs, laser cutting machine will let you satisfied.

3. Kitchenware industry. Now the house more and more, more and more decoration, kitchenware-related products demand more and more, laser cutting machine suitable for cutting sheet stainless steel, fast, high precision, high satisfaction, but also can achieve customized and personalized product development, won the kitchen manufacturers love.

4. Sheet metal processing. In simple terms, processing is a variety of plates, a variety of different graphics cutting pieces, laser cutting machine characteristics in this industry development in full swing.

5. Cabinet industry. Including distribution cabinets, file cabinets and so on, are standardized production of thin plate, the requirements of efficiency, the use of laser cutting machine four or six station is more suitable for high efficiency.

For specific plates can also be double cut.

6. Fitness equipment. Due to the state of sports health attention and the development of personal health concept. The square fitness equipment as well as the home fitness uipment and so on all gradually developed, the demand gradually increased. Basically are some pipe type cutting, the use of tube laser cutting machine is more convenient and quick.

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