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Automatic Wood Design CNC Router Machine China

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Why should you choose an 1325 Woodworking CNC Router Atc ?

Sometimes when using a CNC router to make cuts it is necessary to change out tooling. With a single tool spindle this operation can take valuable production time and introduces another point in the production process for human error to be introduced.

The automatic wood design cnc router machine reduces production time by automatically changing cutters between tool paths, thus eliminating the need for the CNC operator to change and zero tools individually. The ATC feature allows our router to do the full job, even when different tooling is required to make different types of cuts.  Signs and complex 3D carvings are a good example of this. A machine equipped with an ATC can perform operations normally done on other pieces of equipment, eliminating the need for additional machines in the shop.

automatic wood design cnc router machine

Advantage of 1325 ATC Wood CNC Router machine:

Help increase production

Since these impressive machines can produce large amounts of output, it is not surprising that they are likely to increase output. Because they use computers for programming, they don’t feel tired, don’t need to rest, and don’t spend a lot of time. Unlike manual labor methods, the result is continuous production of goods.

Impeccable accuracy

The precision of the computer numerical control (CNC) machine is unparalleled. To make a car requires hundreds of different elements and parts, and these machines can be programmed to produce each part that meets strict requirements.

When making a safe and well-assembled car, precision engineering is essential, and ATC CNC machine are the ideal way to achieve this goal.

Lower skill requirements

Although a certain level of training is required to operate these machines effectively and accurately, it is far below the level required to train and hire manual machine operators. After programming the ATC CNC machine, the information will be retained and can be reused. This not only speeds up the process, but also does not require the involvement of the machine operator when parts need to be produced again in the future.

If you are using CNC machine in any type of professional environment, production efficiency is always one of your main concerns. When you need to customize the part, the customer is waiting for delivery, and the real time is money. You can reduce the production time of tool parts, the better the bottom line.

This is why we have created an 4x8 cnc router with atc. For existing CNC settings, it is possible to interact with the operator replacement of the manual tool, which is an additional component that can greatly reduce non-production time, resulting in cost reduction and higher productivity.

The woodworking atc cnc router is an automated 12 tool changes tray built into compact rotary Trojan. Based on computer planning, it can stop producing and manually change between shear tools, rather than doing have to stop production and manually change, but can switch between them in flight. 12 tools were installed at any time, which had a large number of applications that may allow your existing CNC machines to become more diverse.

Wood router atc is full computer control and programmable, and software is compatible with existing design systems. The operator can also switch tools as needed. It is compatible with Pulsar, using the Machstdmill and Mach3 controller programs. Easily programmable via g code, the interactive tools will be automatically changed in the G code program.

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