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Best Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Aluminum

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This is a classic fiber laser cutting machine for processing sheet metal. It is easy to operate, and can meet your processing needs in the metal industry without high procurement costs and training costs. And it is always welcomed by customers. Moreover, Adopting the new welded bed, which ensure maximum stability during processing, thus ensuring the cutting accuracy of the machine.

fiber laser cutting machine

How to use fiber laser cutting machine to cut aluminum sheet?

While it is reflective and soft, aluminum can still be cut with a fiber laser. High-speed laser beams make it possible to cut various alloys of aluminum, including aerospace and marine-grade aluminum alloys. So what aspects should be paid attention to in the process of cutting aluminum?

1. The processing needs to focus on the control process, because aluminum materials are not resistant to high temperatures. Compared with ordinary metal materials, the cutting process is more difficult to grasp, and burrs are prone to appear in the process of cutting aluminum materials.

2. The laser cutting speed also needs to be controlled. With aluminum, too slow cutting speed will cause cracks in the aluminum material, which will affect the cutting quality. The faster you cut, the smoother the edge will be. That’s also why higher wattage lasers will perform better when cutting aluminum. They allow you to push the kerf line faster.

3. You need to pay attention to high pressure and auxiliary gas when cutting aluminum sheet with aluminum laser cutting machine. Nitrogen is a better choice. These two combined will effectively eject any molten material quickly, preventing the buildup of a rough edge.

Features of fiber laser cutting machine:

Better laser beam quality, lower operating costs,less power consumption and longer working life due to using the new generation IPG fiber laser source ;

Equipped with PRECITEC new generation pro-cutter laser cutting head, Optimized cutting process, monitoring cutting conditions through“APP”use easily and friendly ;

Eagle eye (CCD) technology, ultra-fast positioning the sheet metal edge, minimum cutting down time, In addition, it also can process punching parts and precut parts, due to secondary positioning function;

Optimized cutting technology with Programmable laser frequency and focus position, to achieve high efficiency processing on different thickness & type sheet metal. All cutting parameters can be programmed, no need human intervention, use easily and friendly;

Automatic energy saving mode: while stop over 5 minutes, machine automatically switch into “standby” mode, to reduce power consumption;

Auto exchanging table with Hydraulic lifting system; ensure synchronous running, reliable and stable;

With remote function, can remotely monitor the running conditions of machine, much easier for service and faster response;

With ergonomic design, equipped with intelligent operation terminal, user-friendly and easy to learn.

Applications of fiber laser cutting machine:

Applicable industries:Metal sheet and pipes fiber laser cutter is used in aerospace technology, aircraft manufacturing, rocket manufacturing, robot manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, ship manufacturing, sheet metal cutting, kitchen furniture, electronic components, automotive parts, cooling, ventilation pipes, signs, metal and other metal parts processing industry.

Applicable materials: Metal sheet and pipes fiber laser cutter is used for cutting carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized steel sheet, pickling board, aluminum zinc plate, copper and many kinds of metal materials cutting.

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