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Fiber Laser Marking Systems


Our Fiber Laser Marking Systems is the most reliableFiber Laser Marking Machine in the industry that offers a high-mark resolution, a wide range of options and long-lasting durability

Laser marking equipment is very versatile and we could use it for very different purposes, they have a high quality fiber laser and a Galvo system. Next, we are going to list some reasons

that users who work with these fiber laser machines stand out the most:

Through Fiber laser engraving machines for metals we can mark different materials: stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, PVC, gold, copper, silver, glass spray, among others. Depending on the material, we can work with clearer marks or deeper engravings.

permanent applications. The laser marking is permanent and cannot be easily changed, and these markings are of high quality.

Reduction of environmental pollution . We avoid using glues and inks to mark and implement designs and codes. These products harm the health of the environment.

Long useful life of up to 100,000 hours and an almost zero probability of failure. In addition, this laser is practically maintenance free.

Easy operation. The laser marking equipment has a Plug and Play system and EzCad Laser Software that is easy to work with and learn to use.

High speed. For some applications, the speed at which this equipment can reach is very interesting. It can reach a working speed of up to 8000 mm/s.

Own production and design. The Best Laser Marking Machine are designed and produced in-house, every detail is carefully thought out so that it works from the first moment.

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