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Foam Cnc Router Atc Cnc Foam Carving Machine

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Rotary axis adopting movable design, when it is free, we can push it to the end of the working table and leave the front space to the flat machining operation. So, the styrofoam cnc router is a combination of 3-axis and 4-axis. The design creates more possibilities for our users. cnc foam carving machine for foam sculpture props & statues is one cost-effective choice for you.

cnc foam carving machine

Foam carving cnc machine has characteristics of fast cutting speed, precision and cutting quality. The tech of cnc foam cutting has always been a high-tech of the state’s key support and application, especially the government’s emphasis on revitalizing the manufacturing industry,

Our CNC machine tools mainly process mold electrodes, and the electrodes must be repaired after each electrical machining. Although the electrode workpiece has a reference line, it is ambiguous after repeated use, and the human error in time makes it difficult to ensure the accuracy of the electrode position during processing, and even produces waste. To solve this problem, we designed a very simple and practical V-shaped iron auxiliary fixture, see, in which the positioning body of the Y-axis surface of the fixture is embedded in the T-shaped groove of the workbench. See, the positioning body and the T-shaped groove are matched with f or (the maximum clearance is preferably not greater than zero). In order to ensure the positional tolerance between the x and y positioning surfaces and the mechanical coordinates of the machine tool, after the positioning body is fixed (that is, the positioning pins are inserted at the appropriate position on the positioning body, other fixing methods can also be used), and the X and y positioning surfaces are respectively Finish machining to ensure the geometrical and positional tolerances with the machine tool's mechanical coordinates. In this way, when machining the electrode workpiece, the two positioning surfaces of the workpiece are first machined, and the workpiece is fixed in close contact with the positioning surface of the fixture, and the zero point of the workpiece is set, and its absolute coordinate value is recorded. When the workpiece is repeatedly re-processed, clean, position and fix the workpiece, start the machine tool to the position where the coordinate value is recorded, and set the zero point to process, or set the origin to add it to the workpiece program. By modifying the 2-axis zero point or z-axis tool compensation, you can add T-shaped (20) T-shaped groove width. Peng Shuai processes inner holes on a lathe, especially for ultra-deep inner holes. According to the usual processing method, only the tailstock can be used. The drill sleeve on the hole is drilled.

cnc foam carving machine

CNC foam carving machine application Industry:

styrofoam mold, wood mold, large blister mold, large casting mold, lampshade mold, landscape lamp mold,

large character mold, etc

Applicable materials:

styrofoam, wood substitute, wood, resin, aluminum, materials, etc

Features: With advanced 5 axis linkage technology, all angles can be accurately carved without special manual trimming

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