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Hot CNC Wood Router Machine Price In China

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Products and Manufacturing: 

Industries are using this machine to make wholesale products because the number of sales is enormous. The windows, doors, shelves, handy crafts, wall portraits, blocks, chairs, beds, etc. There are few brands in the market. They provide unique designs and architecture on their product.

Decorations: We are very much familiar with wooden architecture. The banks, museums, even in school we will find some design on the wood. While sitting on the bench, we will see some letters written on the wood. CNC wood router can easily decorate these things.

Musical instruments: We will design on the guitar, flutes, keyboards, harmonium, etc. We can easily create them on the CNC router machine.

Furniture: Furniture is the most useful item in our daily life. The design on the chair leg, on the bedside, reading table, dining table, doors, windows, gates, flower vases, mugs all are the best example for the CNC router application.

Others: Except for these applications, CNC router can also make the signboard design and different composite products.

CNC Wood Router Machine


Main advantages wood cnc router:

Without a doubt, CNC routers brought us a great favor to finish our projects faster than before. Besides this benefit, there are three main advantages of using a CNC router. They are,

Precision Cutting: Machine language is the most accurate. Human-held cutting surely will have defects. But a machine can not make mistakes. Therefore, precision cutting is the best advantage of the CNC routers.

Different Materials: Using the CNC routers, we can process various materials other than wood. We have already mentioned the name of the materials.

Flexibility and adaptability: Using a CNC router is more flexible because we can easily change the target object according to our desire. Besides, we can simply input the design on the computer and get our results 

Features of wood cnc router:

The structure of the machine can be changed, can be replaced at any time high-level

accessories, and spare parts system.To meet international requirements, also in accordance with custom-made any kind and with the machine.

 1.The fuselage is made of 10,000 tubes welded together and is strong and undeformed. 

2. The advanced rack turns ten thousand, the speed is quick, the efficiency is high. 

3.The import of thousands of lines. High precision, automatic leap slide, automatic dust removal effect, long life, constant power main and auxiliary motor, cutting force after pill.

4.The software has good compatibility and can be designed and made with stype3artcam Castmate Winthai Suvaree and other CAD, Cam.

Application of CNC Wood Router

CNC router for woodworking has a broadside of the application. We use these tools every day. Starting from the furniture to the signboard, all are very useful. Let’s see some applications in which we use our CNC wood routing machine.




IGW- 1325-1-6

Working size

1300*2500*200mm(also customise)


1.5KW *6 water cooling spindle


Fuling inverter


Stepper motor


Stepper driver


NC studio


Aluminum T slot table


Taiwan Hiwin  X,Y axis25,Z axis 20


Gear rack

Ball screw

Z axis TBI ball screw


Thick welded big square tube


Steel beam


Independent cabinet



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