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New 1325 Wood Engraving Machine Router

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First of all, wood engraving cnc Router can be used on furniture decoration. We can see some furniture everywhere in our lives, and these furniture may choose to use wood as the raw material, and if it is just ordinary wood, it will be polished into After furniture, there is no way to impress people, but after using the laser engraving machine, it can be renewed to play a decorative effect, and it can also engrave completely different effects, which can bring a very good effect.

Wood Engraving Cnc Router

Cnc Router Machine For Wood Features:

1.Economic wood CNC router with small space occupied, and less power consumption.

2.Stable heavy duty structure, long lifetime using.

3.Vacuum & T-slot working table, fast and easy to fix materials on table.

4.DSP/NCSTUDIO controller, easy operation, professional for cutting and engraving.

5.Auto lubrication system for regular maintenance,convenient to use.

6.USB interface, easy to transfer G code.

How to choose a CNC engraving machine for novices?

一、Accurate positioning of the engraving machine according to the needs of the enterprise

Choose woodworking CNC routers based on the main products you have made. For example, if your main business is door panels, you can choose a floppy disk cutter changer. Due to the large number of patterns required for the door panel, the disc tool changer center has 12 tools in the tool magazine, and the tool change speed is fast. You can also increase the tool type according to your own needs, which can not only meet the needs of different customers, but also greatly Improved production efficiency

二、Understand the manufacturer’s strength

It is said that you must shop around for shopping, but you must not take advantage of such large equipment. After understanding your own needs in the early stage, choose woodworking CNC routers according to your own production needs. Next, you can learn more and study woodworking CNC router manufacturers

三、Test the accuracy and operating speed of the woodworking CNC router

Woodworking CNC routers from component processing, bed welding, to parts assembly, each step is related to the accuracy and operating speed of the CNC router. This requires professional processing technology and meticulous measurement. If you want your own engraving products to be in the lead, you must strive for perfection in all aspects. 

1325 Cnc Router application range:

Furniture Industry: They can be used to engrave panel furniture,office furniture ,customized furniture,Cabinets, wardrobes, wooden doors, bedside table  solid Wood doors,Cupboard doors, interior doors, sofa legs, headboards,  and other panel furniture.

Wooden product industry:They can be used to engrave musical instrument,Audio,game cabinet,computer desk etc

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