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Small Enclosed Laser Marking Machine

Small enclosed laser marking machine can mark logo, character, serial number, bar code, data matrix on both metals and some non-metals. It does not have consumable. It’s very cost effective. It boasts fast marking speed and high marking precision. It’s widely used and well accepted in prevailing international market.
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Small Enclosed Laser Marking Machine Video

Mini Type Fiber Laser Marking Machine Description:

The enclosed laser marking system has safety enclosure, and it is available in both class 1 (closed version) and class 4 (open version) featured, using high quality components which is ideal for marking & engraving & cutting the metal jewelry products. It has motorized z axis, easy to operate.

Small Enclosed Cover Fiber Laser Marking Machine Advantages:


  1. Small size, beautiful and high-grade appearance, easy to move, air-cooled and maintenance-free.

  2. The marking workbench is simplified and the degree of integration is higher.

  3. The use of high-precision equipment accessories, accurate marking effect, flexible operation.

  4. Using high-quality laser, marking speed is fast, without any operating system restrictions.

  5. The optical path is completely closed, no pollution, no noise, no consumables, and long life.

Mini Enclosed Type Fiber Laser Marking Machine Parameter Configuration

Output power 20W / 30W / 50W / 70W / 100W
Wavelength 1064nm
Beam Radiation Angle ≤2mrad
Modulation frequency range 20KHz~80KHz
Beam Quality M2:1.2-1.8
Marking Depth 0-5mm(depending on the materials)
Maximum speed 8000mm/s
Repeat location accuracy 0.012mm
Minimum Line Width 0.017mm
Minimum Character 0.2 mm
Cooling Style Air cooling
Laser power supply <500W
Operating Voltage
110-220V, 50/60Hz
Environmental Requirement 0~35°C,humidity≤90%


Mini Type Fiber Laser Marking Machine Application:


CO2 marking machine Non-metal,fabric,leather,wooden packing,paper packing,acry;ic pipe,PET,plastic,som of the paint layer,ceramics,glass
Fiber marking machine Ordinary metal,rare metal and alloy,alloy powder,ceramic materials,after surface treatment of metal,oxides,plastics.polymers 3M label paper.
Portable marking machine This device can print the minium character height is 0.8mm-18mm,suit for cable,auto parts,cosmetics,pharmaceutical and some industries which need micro character in small product

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1.How much is the desktable fiber laser marking machine?

For the fiber laser marker, the price is different according to the configuration. Please contact us for more details.

2.How to choose the suitable power of the lasers?

It depend on the material you want to processing and the running frequency of the machine. Please let us know which material do you want to process.

3.What's material available for the laser marking machine?

Hot applications is for most metal material and nonmetal material.

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