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Flying Laser Marking Machine

Flying Laser Marking Machine is laser marking printer especially matched for the automatic production line for flying printing & marking for the date codes or barcodes.
  • iGR-L(F)


  • iGR-L(F)


Flying Laser Marking Machine Video

Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine Description:

Compared to the traditional inkjet printer, the laser printer is low material consumption, no pollution, no noise, energy saving and environmental protection, simple operation, stable performance, long lifetime, low maintenance cost.The machine is available in flying marking in the production line for big quantity the same products.

Flying Laser Marking Machine Advantages


1.Adopts the USA RF laser generator, high speed scanning vibrating lens and extending focusing system, high precision, high speed.

2.Red light positioning system,ensure accurate positioning,avoid waste.
3.Professional marking software owns strong graphics drawing and editing funcion,enable direct marking of color graphic or marking after color convert from RGB to grey scale.
4.It is popular with it's high precision, high speed, carving depth of random control. It can be applied to a variety of non-metal engraving. No consumables, Marking clear, not easy to wear and tear.

Flying Laser Marking Machine Parameter Configuration

Laser power


Laser wavelength


Marking depth

< 0.05mm/< 0.2mm

Marking speed

< 7000mm/s

Line width range


Character range


Positioning accuracy


Cooling method

Air cooling

Working temperature


System operating

Windows SE

Average power

< 0.6kw

Power supply voltage

AC220V 20A50HZ


Flying Laser Marking Machine Scope of Application


CO2 marking machine Non-metal,fabric,leather,wooden packing,paper packing,acry;ic pipe,PET,plastic,som of the paint layer,ceramics,glass
Fiber marking machine Ordinary metal,rare metal and alloy,alloy powder,ceramic materials,after surface treatment of metal,oxides,plastics.polymers 3M label paper.
Portable marking machine This device can print the minium character height is 0.8mm-18mm,suit for cable,auto parts,cosmetics,pharmaceutical and some industries which need micro character in small product

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1.How much is the desktable fiber laser marking machine?

For the fiber laser marker, the price is different according to the configuration. Please contact us for more details.

2.How to choose the suitable power of the lasers?

It depend on the material you want to processing and the running frequency of the machine. Please let us know which material do you want to process.

3.What's material available for the laser marking machine?

Hot applications is for most metal material and nonmetal material.

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