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Steeltailor Portable CNC Laser Cutting Machine Maintenance Work

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A portable plasma cutting machine aka cnc plasma machine uses a plasma cutter to cut thin to thick metals along a multi-axis grid. The cnc method actually provides an advantage over handheld plasma cutting machine or tool due to the cut being programmed as well as controlled by a computer in lieu of human motion.

portable cnc laser cutting machine

This portable metal plasma cutting machine can convert CAD files into computer files through USB flash drive transfer, so that various graphics can be cut, and can be programmed, and operated directly on the machine. Due to the compact design and appropriate size, our products can be placed anywhere to help free up space. Compared with general machines, our products are smaller but more reliable. There is no doubt that it will be the ideal equipment for carbon steel, copper, iron, aluminum, galvanized, titanium, and other metal plates.

Portable metal plasma cutting machine maintenance work

1. Cutting torch and wearing parts.

The function of the plasma system requires very high cleanliness, so any stolen goods from cutting torches and fragile parts will affect the performance of the machine. In the replacement of vulnerable parts, it is necessary to put them in a clean place, but also to check the connection thread of the torch, with hydrogen peroxide cleaning electrode contact surface and nozzle.

2. Protective cover

In the process of using plasma cutting machine, it is often found that there is slag on the protective cover of cutting torch. These slag should be cleaned up in time, otherwise it will cause destructive "heavy plasma arc". In addition, spraying anti-splash chemical coating on the protective cover can also help reduce slag accumulation, but it should be noted that the protective cover should be removed from the torch before applying anti-splash coating.

3. Nozzles

The nozzle of plasma cutting machine will deposit oxide, especially when air or oxygen is used as ionic gas, the oxide will affect the cutting gas flow and reduce the life of vulnerable parts. So cleaning the inner side of the nozzle with clean flannelette can eliminate oxides.

Basic structure:

Machine consists of a Cantilever structure, longitudinal rail on one axis, and moving arm on the other. This design helps save space. The smart-design with light weight and sturdy extruded aluminum structure provides easy mobility to use in indoor and outdoor working environment. Suitable for all types / segment of end-user to improve the production and reduce production cost. 7inch LCD display on the controllers allows user to select the program directly on the system or transfer files through USB drive.

Advantages Of portable cnc laser cutting machine :

Plasma cutting is an efficient metal cutting method for sheet metal and metal tubes, which has made it to be widely used in many different industries. CNC cutter limited's cnc plasma cutter machines, you can get benefits from 10 best advantages with fast cuts, ease of use, lower cost, safe to use, multi-tasking, expanded versatility, wide range of material and thickness, eliminated plate warping, raised inside piercing speed, and diminished dross;Its main function features are: the control system adopts industrial computer, which can accept the import of external processing program, and timely graphic tracking when cutting.Portable CNC plasma cutting machine. Available for cutting any complex plane graphics, support for flame and plasma cutting; A substitute for manual torch, semi-automatic cutting machine and profiling cutting machine as an upgraded product; especially suitable for high-precision required complex graphics mass production, can greatly improve cutting efficiency, reduce secondary processing, and decrease the production cost.

Portable CNC Flame Plasma Cutting Machine Application


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