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3D Laser Measuring Scanner for Stone Kitchen Bathroom Countertop

3D is a laser measuring system used to collect 3D data and automatically project it onto a 2D plane. It is primarily used for countertop templating, but can also be used for other applications such as cabinet layout and design, wall cladding, floor plans, indoor/outdoor modeling, and quality control/construction verification.
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This 3D Kitchen Bathroom Countertop Measuring Scanner uses advanced laser technology. It can provide high-precision 3D scanning and measurement results, usually at the millimeter level. And it can complete large-area scanning and drawing tasks in a short time. Therefore, this machine saves cost and time for the operator.

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This system is applied to the auxiliary design of home table surface processing, mainly based on Android system platform, including Harmony OS 2.0 and above. Using Leica DST 360° bidirectional angle sensor, Leica series laser rangefinder, auxiliary tripod and software in your tablets or mobile phones.


3D Measuring Scanner with Laser Templater Features:

  1. Collect laser point distance data,

  2. Project double angle and dots sequence,

  3. Construct a closed plane

  4. Click to eliminate right Angle intersections

  5. Dimension each side, distance unit is mm, allowing manual modification

  6. Water back, hang down, the default color is highlighted and the length is calculated automatically. The value can be manually modified, allowing you to click on each edge to add or delete.

  7. Set basic parameters manually

  8. The opening mode is divided into circle, rectangle, ellipse, input manual data, display in table position.

  9. Export DXF file, can be connected to CAD system.


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