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Automatic Wood Sanding Machine

CNC sanding machine is suitable for grinding and polishing all kinds of solid wood doors, European-style wooden doors, cabinet doors, plastic doors, shutters, furniture parts, carved flower panels, hollow grids, white blanks, primers and abrasive cloth strips of different thicknesses. The polishing effect can reach 80%, which greatly saves labour and improves efficiency.

Woodworking Sanding Machine Description:

The Woodworking Sanding Machine suits for calibrating and polishing all kinds of panels which thickness deviation is big.

Industrial Sanding Machine For wood Advantages:


  • A new type of high-efficiency wood product surface processing equipment independently developed by the introduction of European technology, mainly for the rough grinding of wood products and primer sanding.

  • Using frequency conversion speed regulation, the speed can be adjusted freely, and the appropriate feeding speed can be selected to ensure the sanding quality of the workpiece.

  • The rough grinding roller is composed of sisal brush and emery cloth. Different combinations of emery cloth and brush can be provided, and the brush and emery cloth can be replaced separately to save cost.

  • Grinding and polishing are easy, high-quality and efficient, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces production costs.

Automatic Wood Sanding Machine Parameter Configuration:



Max processing thickness


Max processing length


Max processing width


Transport motor power


Sander roller motor power


Disc motor power


Number of disc


power suppl


Total power


Size (l* w* h)





Features Of Industrial Wood Sanding Machines For Sale:

1、Introducing a new type of highly efficient wood surface treatment equipment independently developed by European technology, mainly for rough grinding and primer sanding of wood products

2、 Using frequency conversion speed regulation, the speed can be adjusted freely, and the appropriate feeding speed can be selected to ensure the sanding quality of the workpiece

.3、 The roughing roller has a sisal brush and an abrasive cloth. It can provide different combinations of abrasive cloth and brush. It can replace the brush and the abrasive cloth separately, saving cost.

4 Smoothing, high quality and high efficiency, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing production costs.

CNC Sanding Machine Application:

Scope of application

Scope of application

Suitable for all kinds of solid wood, density board, laminated board and other materials linear (such as door edge,Door frames, skirting lines, phase frames, shutters), L-shaped wooden lines and door panels Coarse, fine sanding, sanding and polishing of surface, special-shaped surface, flat surface and curved surface are Ideal equipment for producing doors and windows, kitchenware and other special-shaped sanding.

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1.What is the difference of the sanding cnc machine and polishing cnc machine?

Sanding machine uses the cutting effect of grit to smooth the processing marks, burrs and stains on the surface of the object. The polishing machine uses polishing wax to fill the pits on the surface of the object to make the surface of the object more flat.
After finishing sanding working ,then polishing works.

2.How many types of sanding machines do you have?

Generally speaking, standard sanding machine including cnc side sanding machine, cnc flat surface sanding machine, cnc curved surface sanding machine.

3.It is available to customize if from you?

We can customize it accordance with your materials size, normally, it is 1 meter width for cabinet door making, and 1.3 meter width for interior doors making.

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