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Cnc Metal Cutting Plasma In Steel Production Application

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A Cnc metal cutting plasma is a machine that processes metal materials by means of plasma cutting technology. Plasma cutting is a processing method that utilizes the heat of a high temperature plasma arc to melt or partially melt (and evaporate) a metal portion at a workpiece cut and to remove molten metal by high-speed plasma momentum.

Cnc Metal Cutting Plasma

CNC Plasma Steel Cutting Machine are designed to tackle large-scale cutting, manufacturing jobs, and one-off custom fabrication or art project in a fraction of the time it would take to perform with a hand tool. You are able to program and cut diverse shapes on demand, with no pre-heating or cooling required. A Cnc Metal Cutting Plasma is truly ready to work at a moment’s notice.

CNC plasma (flame) cutting in steel production application

The traditional hand-cut by hand with only the operator hand-eye movement route and speed, precision and productivity is difficult to guarantee the car later appeared cutting, profile cutting in a straight line or curve processing certain complex, relative increase quality and efficiency, but for flexibility and fast processing, single and special batch processing has been limited, and the generation and application of CNC cutting technology, thermal cutting process really make a qualitative leap of changes have taken place. Take the current production status of the steel industry point of view, we can learn CNC thermal cutting has become an important means of processing, equipment investment, and possession of more and more. In some coastal cities, industrial parks, for example, a large steel plant, due to the large-scale H steel processing steel products, with a large number of CNC flame cutting and automatic welding equipment; a shipyard steel vessel due to the requirements of special processing, using eight more than one large CNC plasma cutting machine; I once H-beam steel production plants mainly in the near future to establish long-term strategic partnership with a modern shipyard, the first wife NC automatic, semi-automatic straight cutting machine on the basis of new on two sets of 6M Haibao CNC plasma cutting machine, is now stepping up to thousands of tons of various thicknesses and shapes of the hull base segmented structure plate nesting, CNC plasma cutting equipment show a strong professional processing capacity will produce good economic returns.

Cnc Metal Cutting Plasma

IGOLDENCNC plasma cutting machine uses the heat of high temperature plasma arc to melt part or part of the metal, and eliminates the molten metal by the momentum of high speed plasma to form an incision.We are a professional factory and provide professional services.

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