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Portable Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine China

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This kind of portable cnc plasma cutting machine china  is specially developed for steel plate cutting, 2 kinds of cutting modes are provided: plasma cutting and flame cutting,working size can be customized upon requirements, this portable cnc plasma and flame cutting machine is characterized of easy operation, compact structure and low cost. It is suitable for large, medium and small mines, widely used in automobile, shipbuilding, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, suitable for carbon steel (flame cutting), and stainless steel.

Portable CNC Cutting Machineportable cnc plasma cutting machine china

portable cnc plasma cutting machine Advantages:

1.The portable cnc plasma cutting machine china  is all welded as seamless steel structure. Steady structure and long-life time.

2.Guide rail is originally imported from TBI brand, more precision and more stable more durable.

3.With Torch Height Control system, self-adjusting to choose the best torch distance to ensure cutting accuracy.

4.Free air compressor is packaged together with the machine, don’t need to buy other parts for the machine.

5.CNC system configuration high, automatic arc, stable performance, the success rate of 99% arc starting.

6.Support Autocad, Coreldraw, ARTCAM, FASTCAM software convert to standard G code or .nc file

7.U disk exchange control system processing files, the machine can work without connecting the computer.

8.Plasma torch power supply and supporting all famous brands, many national patents by the manufacturers.

portable cnc plasma cutting machine china : this is how it works

A plasma beam is produced by passing gases through a nozzle and by firing an electric arc.

During the ignition phase, a spark is released in the nozzle which generates a pilot arc.

Plasma is considered the fourth stage of matter as it is an ionized gas with very high energy.

Subsequently, the pilot arc comes into contact with the material to be cut and an electrical circuit is established with the plasma as a means of carryingcurrent.

This energy is transferred to the underlyingmaterial, where the metal locally melts and is expelled from the work area by the gas flow.

There are different gases and mixtures of them to cut different materials and thicknesses in the best way.

portable cnc plasma cutting machine china

portable cnc plasma cutting machine china

IGOLDENCNC manufacturer will share with us what should be paid attention to when selecting a model?

1. The factor to be determined is the thickness of the metal that is usually cut. If you usually cut thin metal, you should first consider a low-current plasma cutting machine. Also, although small machines cut a certain thickness of metal, the cutting quality may not be guaranteed. On the contrary, you may get almost no cutting. As a result of wearing, useless metal residues will remain. Each machine will have a set of comparative cutting thickness range, make sure that the setting is suitable for your requirements.

2. If you are going to cut for a long time or automatically set the cutting, make sure to check the continuous rate of the machine's work load. The load duration is simply the continuous working time before the equipment is overheated and needs to be cooled.

3. Most portable cnc plasma cutting machine china will have a pilot arc that uses high frequency to guide current through the air. However, high frequency can interfere with nearby electronic equipment, so a startup method that can eliminate these high frequency potential problems may be quite advantageous.

4. There are various external parts on the plasma cutting torch that need to be replaced. The machine you need to look for should use less consumables. Fewer consumables means cost savings.

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