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Small Edge Banding Machine

This kind of small edge banding machine does not have to worry about insufficient glue supply and glue glue problem of the glue tank edge banding machine. The gluing layer adopts a plate-type quick positioning design to achieve ultra-thin edge banding.

Mini Edge Banding Machine Description:

This Edge Banding Machine is suitable for medium density fiber board, blockboard, wood panels, particleboard, plywood and other polymer doors, straight edge trimming, disposable with double-sided adhesive tape cutting edge bonding edge pressing, block, chamfer, Tinker, finishing, polishing and other functions of scraping edge, edge smooth, smooth, feel good sealing wire, flat and smooth.

Small Edge Banding Machine

Manual Edge Banding Machine Features:

The manual edge banding machine adopts automatic control and has a large edge banding operation range, which can ensure that the hot melt adhesive is not glued or leaking. It is suitable for straight curve edge banding of various plates, with small size and is one of the first edge banding machines to enter the Chinese market. Suitable for all furniture, cabinets, teaching and factories, etc.

Woodworking Edge Bander Parameter:

Edge band thickness 0.3-3mm
Function temperature 130-180℃
Gluing method double-sided glue
Feeding speed 0-18m/min
Heating power 1600W
Voltage 220V
Frequency 50HZ
Motor power 250W
Weight 130KG
Minimum diameter of inner arc 18mm
Edge banding height 7-50mm
Dimensions 1050*760*950mm

Wood Edge Bander Machine Details:

Automatic temperature control

Automatic temperature control

The temperature controller can automatically the temperature according to the edge banding tape and the melt adhesive.

Glue pan

Glue pan

Large-capacity glue pot, selected high-temperature resistant materials, preheated in 3 minutes, to increase the heat conversion speed.

Smart foot switch

Smart foot switch

Intelligent single foot switch prevents accidental cut off during operation.

Operation table

Operation table

The table top is taller and larger, ergonomic, and more comfortable to use.

Double cylinder automatic tape feedingcutting

Double cylinder automatic tape feeding/cutting

Accurate and agile, high-quality cylinder, long service life.

Wood Edge Bander Machine Details

hand held edge banding machine

portable edge banding machine price

Small Edge Banding Machine Application:

This machine is suitable for edge sealing of MDF, particleboard, solid wood board, ecological board, plywood, etc. This machine is stable and reliable, durable, price concessions, especially suitable for home decoration production.

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