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Fiber Laser Automation Welding Robot for Sale

A robotic fiber laser welding machine is a specialized industrial machine that combines the precision of fiber laser technology with the flexibility and automation of robotic systems for welding applications. It utilizes a fiber laser as the heat source to join metal components together.
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Robot Laser Welding Machine Descriptions :

Robotic laser welding machine is a type of 3D industrial robot that is more commonly used nowadays. It has high welding accuracy, high speed, and narrow welding seam, which is very popular in the welding field.


As we all know, traditional welding operations are relatively harmful to the human body, including MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding and TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding. MIG welder and TIG welder are arc welding, and the quality of the laser-welded project cannot be guaranteed. Many businesses start to use high-performance laser welding robots instead of manual welding operations. The robotic laser welder has high production efficiency, high welding strength, narrow welding seam, and less deformation of the workpiece. Today, let's talk about the advantages of welding robots.

Automatic robotic laser welding machine consists of fiber laser, robot control system,laser positioning sensor, laser welding head and cooling system. the machine features with excellent automatic welding speeds, aesthetic appearance and flexible movement of 6-axis industrial robot arm.

3D Robot Fiber Laser Welding Machine

laser welding robot

Laser Robotic welding  Machine Details

OSPRI Professional welding head

Laser robotic welding machine

1. This welding head has strong advantages in aluminum alloy welding and medium power welding applications, and it is a cost-effective welding head.

2. The welding head uses a motor to drive the X, Y axis vibrating lens, with a variety of swing modes, and the swing welding allows the workpiece to have irregular welds, larger gaps and other processing parameters, which can significantly improve the welding quality.

3. The internal structure of the welding head is completely sealed, which can prevent the optical part from being polluted by dust.

4. The protective lens adopts a drawer type structure, which is easy to replace.

5. It can be equipped with various lasers with QBH connectors.

robotic welding arm

The combination of laser welding and robots has the advantages of automation, intelligence, and high flexibility, and can be used for welding complex surface materials.

The robot laser welding machine is composed of a dedicated fiber laser head, a high-precision capacitance tracking system, a fiber laser and an industrial robot system. It is an advanced equipment for flexible welding of metal sheets of different thicknesses from multiple angles and multiple directions.

automatic laser welding machine

HANLI Water cooler

Environmentally friendly refrigerant, perfectly compatible with all lasers

Stable and reliable performance, low failure rate, energy saving and power saving

robot laser welding machine system

CCD monitoring and positioning system

The weld effect can be clearly seen, and it is convenient to adjust

Material used: stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, copper, etc.

Applicable industries: widely used in many new energy industries such as auto parts, stainless steel kitchenware, sheet metal processing, electronic chassis, door and window guardrails, steel structure industry, animal husbandry industry, furniture industry, hardware industry, etc.

laser welding machine

laser welding machine

Laser Welding Robot Features

High Beam Quality: Fiber lasers produce a high-quality laser beam, characterized by its small spot size and excellent focusability. This allows for precise and controlled welding, making them suitable for applications where accuracy is critical.

Fast Processing Speed: Fiber lasers can deliver high power density, resulting in faster welding speeds compared to other welding methods. This increased speed contributes to higher productivity and efficiency in manufacturing processes.

Versatility in Materials: Fiber laser welding is versatile and can be used for welding a variety of materials, including metals and alloys. This makes it suitable for applications across different industries, such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics.

Energy Efficiency: Fiber lasers are known for their high energy efficiency. They convert a large percentage of electrical input into laser output, minimizing energy consumption and reducing operating costs.

Reduced Maintenance: The design of fiber laser systems often results in lower maintenance requirements compared to traditional laser systems. The use of optical fibers eliminates the need for complex optical components, reducing the risk of misalignment and simplifying maintenance procedures.

Compact Design: Fiber laser systems are typically more compact than traditional laser systems, making them easier to integrate into robotic systems. This compact design enhances the flexibility and adaptability of the welding robot in various manufacturing environments.

Remote Welding Capability: Fiber lasers can be coupled with long optical fibers, allowing for remote welding applications. This is particularly useful in situations where access to the workpiece is limited, and the robot needs to reach areas that are challenging for traditional welding equipment.

Enhanced Weld Quality: The combination of high beam quality and precise control offered by fiber laser welding contributes to improved weld quality. This is crucial for industries that demand high standards for the strength and integrity of welded joints.

Automation and Integration: Fiber laser welding robots can be fully integrated into automated manufacturing processes. The robotic system can be programmed to handl

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