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Woodworking Engraver CNCrouter Woodworking Machinery 1325

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The Woodworking Rotary Cnc Router on this page mainly refers to the 3 axis CNC router machine for CNC woodworking. The spindle of the CNC wood router carries the CNC router bits to move along the X, Y, and Z axes. As one type of the most commonly used wood CNC machine, it can cut, carve, engrave, mill, punch various types of wood boards. So it is also called CNC wood carving machine, CNC wood cutting machine, or CNC wood engraving machine.

Woodworking Rotary Cnc Router

Maintenance instructions for woodworking engraver router price:

The other is the use of lubricating oil. No matter what kind of mechanical equipment, lubricating oil plays a very important role. Pay attention to the amount of oil in time. If the equipment is used frequently, the editor recommends once every two weeks; if the Woodworking Engraving Cnc Router is not used for a long time, you also need to refuel.

When replacing parts of the equipment, regular inspection and maintenance are required to ensure that no errors will affect the normal use of the equipment. In addition to using it when we buy woodworking CNC routers, regular maintenance cannot be ignored.

CNC router woodworking machine is a new mechanical equipment that has appeared in woodworking and furniture manufacturing in recent years. It represents the development trend of woodworking machinery industry, it's also play a important role in woodworking companies.

Features of woodworking engraver cnc router:

1. Simple operation and installation, when delivery we will provide the videos for training.

2. More steady and strong equipped bed structure with thick steel.

3. Equipped with air cooling spindle, can be optional water cooling spindle, more powerful, enough to cut more thickness materials.

4.The manual oiling lubricating system, just pushing the handle then can realize the whole machine oiling, very convenient.

5. Dust collector, helping to suck the dust, milling dust, keeping the machine clean.

6. Ncstudio control system, can be optional DSP control system.

7.Taiwan HIWIN square guide rail, high precision and long life time, rack and pinion transmission, high speed.

8. Vacuum adsorption table with 5.5KW vacuum pump, it can adsorb the materials on the table , more stable when engraving wood doors.

9.Function of re-carving after break point and power off, reducing the materials wasting.

10.Good software compatibility, all kinds of CAD/CAM ,such as Typ3 , ArtCam, Castmate, UcanCam,Artcut engraving software, Coredraw, etc.

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