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How to Cut Stone Countertop with CNC Machine

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Stone CNC router is a computer numerical controlled machine tool used for CNC stone carving, CNC stone engraving, and CNC stone cutting. The stone router machine can complete functions of engraving, carving, cutting, milling, and polishing of granite, quartz, marble, tombstone, ceramic tiles, and other artificial stones. Therefore, we also call it marble CNC router, marble carving machine, granite CNC router, CNC granite cutting machine for sale, quartz stone machine, etc. Our stone CNC machine for sale includes 3 axis stone router, 4 axis stone CNC engraving machine, and 5 axis stone CNC machine. In addition, machine specifications of the CNC router machine for stone can be customized to meet your specific processing requirements and demands.

5 Axis CNC Stone Bridge Saw

5 Axis Stone Bridge Cutting Saw machine is a type of stone cutting machine designed for diversified stone business. With a CNC stone saw, it is good at special-shaped cutting, polishing, edging, drilling, and chamfering of granite, marble, quartz, artificial stone, and natural stone. Therefore, it is also known as stone bridge saw cutting machine, stone bridge saw for quartz, bridge saw for granite, tile bridge saw, marble bridge cutting machine, stone bridge saw cutter, etc.

Stone ATC Cnc Router

How To Use?

Step 1. Before turning on, we need to check whether the machine tool is connected to the computer normally, turn on the power and the computer, start the program, and enter the operating system.

Step 2. Select the menu of returning to the origin in the control system to correct the origin coordinates.

Step 3. Load the required processing program, select the open menu, and a standard file operation dialog box will pop up, from which you can select the drive, path and file name where the file to be opened is located. After clicking the open button, the processing program is loaded into the system.

Step 4. Determine the origin of the workpiece, manually move the X and Y axes to the predetermined position on the workpiece, select the menu of setting the current point as the origin of the workpiece, or clear the coordinate value of the current position in the coordinate window. In this way, when executing the processing program, it will start processing with the current position as the starting point.

Cnc Stone Center Machine

The stone CNC machining center usually refers to the large-sized CNC router machine for marble, granite, artificial stone, granite, slate, and other artificial stones processing. One CNC stone engraving machine can realize processes such as circular arc water-blocking grinding and polishing, countertop basin hole cutting, edging, Roman edge grinding and polishing, cutting and cutting of special-shaped plates, and processing of drain tank. We also have the CNC bridge saw for sale, which combines the cutting tools and a saw blade to realize CNC stone cutting, engraving, and carving of quartz, marble, granite, ceramic tiles, etc. Our quartz CNC machine and 5 axis stone CNC machine are widely used in house decoration, construction, advertising, mold, crafts and other fields. Contact us to get the latest quote of stone CNC machine price.


Precautions for buying a suitable stone CNC machine 

First, you need to know the functions of different types of stone CNC machines. This helps you choose the most suitable machine. The small stone CNC machine has the basic engraving and caving functions, and can process small-sized stones. For example, the stone CNC router can engrave letters, patterns, reliefs, and hollow-out works on granite, marble, and other stone slabs. While a large stone CNC machining center is more often used to process kitchen or bathroom countertops, bar counters, tables, etc. The quartz CNC machine can complete the processing of the front Roman edge, rear water blocking edge, basin hole, tap hole cutting, special shape cutting, grinding and polishing, and the background wall carving. 

Then, you need to find a suitable stone CNC machine manufacturer and discuss the specifications and price. For instance, the spindle type and power, motor type and power, worktable size, guide rail, control system, etc. All these specifications can be customized according to your specific requirements. This also means that you must be clear about your processing needs. 

Thirdly, remember to sign a contract with the stone CNC machine manufacturer. It can not only specify the rights and obligations but also protect the legitimate rights of both parties. The contract can also be used as the evidence if the stone router machine you received are not correspond to what was described in the contract. 

Last but not least, the after-sale service is also an important factor when buying a stone CNC machine. Some small or informal manufacturers usually provide poor or even no after-sales service. This has a great influence on the use and legal rights protection of the machine. So be sure to investigate and check the service system of the manufacturers before buying a stone CNC machine.


A stone machining center is designed for the deep processing of quartz, marble, granite, slate, and other artificial stones. It can cut and drill holes, engrave letters and patterns, and mill and grind the stone surfaces. It is widely used to make kitchen countertops, bathroom washbasins, bar counters, coffee tables, stone statues and sculptures, tombstones and gravestones, and other artificial stone crafts and artworks.

cnc sink cutout machine

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