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How to Choose Between CNC Router Machine And CNC Furniture Machine?

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CNC router machine and CNC furniture machine can do woodworking. Both can be cut, engraved, drilled, milled, etc. So what are the similarities between these two machines?

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The appearance and configuration are similar. CNC router machine and CNC furniture machine are mainly made of electromechanical parts. Mechanical parts include frame, workbench, gantry, etc. Electrical components mainly include motors, drives, frequency converters, controllers, spindles, control cabinets, etc. Therefore, these two types of machines have similar appearances.

Similar functions and applications. CNC router machine and CNC furniture machine can process wood and cut, engrave, mill, drill and groove all kinds of wood. These two types of machines have a wide range of applications in the furniture industry. They can manufacture furniture, cabinets, closet doors, doors, office furniture and custom furniture. Like multi-head CNC machine or ATC CNC wood machine, and CNC furniture machine with auto loading table. Therefore, CNC router machine and CNC furniture machine can execute multiple processes at the same time without frequent conflicts and manual tool replacement. This saves a lot of work, reduces non-productive time, and improves treatment efficiency.

Similar performance. CNC router machine and CNC furniture making machine have high precision, high efficiency and high performance. During this process, the operator can see the whole process to the greatest extent. At the same time, the machine provides reliable protection and safety functions for the operator.

When to choose a CNC router machine?

There are many types of wood router, which can handle various materials. In addition to cutting functions, CNC wood router can also perform 2D engraving, 3D engraving, cylindrical parts engraving, surface milling, bagging and side drilling. Common models of CNC router machine include but are not limited to 3 axis or 4 axis CNC wood cutting machines, multi-head or multi-axis CNC wood cutting machines, ATC CNC cutters, etc.

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Therefore, if you are:

1. Crafts lovers or research on gifts, souvenirs and murals;

2. Manufacturers of wooden or acrylic advertising signs, 3D letters, logos or nameplates;

3. Furniture manufacturer, whose activities include not only panel cutting and 2D pattern carving, but also three-dimensional carving, such as carving on chairs or table legs or columns and columns;

4. A service provider in the decoration industry, whose work includes wall decoration, interior decoration, stamping, and decoration production.

5. Manufacturers of wood panels for walls, stairs and handrails;

6. Or, in addition to wood, you also need to process other materials, such as acrylic, ABS, epoxy, stone, foam, etc.

CNC router machine is your ideal choice.

When to choose a CNC furniture machine?

CNC furniture machine are mainly used for cutting wooden boards and manufacturing wardrobe furniture. For example, custom furniture, doors, cabinets, closet doors, wardrobes, closets, shelves, shelves, partitions, etc. Using the corresponding nesting software, the furniture making machine can realize online nesting layout and optimized layout. Three kinds of drilling, grooving and cutting processes can be performed in one feed. In addition, CNC wood cutting machine can cut irregular shapes on the panel at high speed.

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Therefore, if you are:

1. Manufacturers of panel furniture who need to cut, drill and cut irregular shapes quickly;

2. Carefully choose the automatically optimized layout, precise and fast cutting, and automatic panel loading and unloading.


Before choosing a CNC router machine or a CNC furniture machine, you should carefully consider your job requirements to understand which machine tool best suits your needs. Choosing the right machine can ensure higher production efficiency, save labor and generate more profits.

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