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Two head stone engraving machine

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Stone CNC router machine with dual-spindles, fully automatic stone engraving machine of carving on natural stone, marble, artificial stone, granite, sandstone, bluestone, terrazzo, glass, ceramic tile, wood, aluminium plate, copper plate and other materials, suitable for stone background wall, bridge engineering, garden engineering, tombstone engineering and other industries.

  • iGS-D
  • $4500-8000

Factory shooting

Double-head stone engraving machine

Double-head stone engraving machine

1.This stone engraving machine with solid gantry and lathe bed,stable lathe table,fast speed and high accuracy.
2.Imported ball screw ensures stable movement and high accuracy.
3.Water cooling spindle and high performance subdivision driver ensure to work stably for long time
4.With water tank and double water cooling system,high efficient works.
5.With practical software,can check the moving path of tool,and adjust theprocessing depth of Z axis and the speed of motor.


Working area1300*2500*500mm
Table size2100*3600mm
TransmissionZ-Germany Ball screw,XY-Gear Rack
Machine tableAluminum  table with T-slot
Spindle power3.2KW\4.5KW\5.5.KW
Spindle rotating speed24000rpm/min
Travelling speed10m/min
Working speed8m/min
Working Delicacy0.01mm
Driving MotorStepper motor
Control SystemDSP/Ncstudio Control System
Command CodeG Code*.u00*.mmg*.plt
Voltage380V/50HZ  220V/50HZ   
SoftwareArtcam/Type3,other CAD/CAM

Machine details

5.5KW HQD water-cooled spindle

5.5KW HQD water-cooled spindle

High-speed spindle with constant power and torque.

With two spindles, two identical workpieces can be machined at the same time to improve work efficiency.

Whether it is carving text, carving stone monument, relief carving, it can run stably during the long time carving process.

Due to the hardness of stone, fragile and other characteristics, stone engraving machine spindle is different from woodworking engraving machine, advertising engraving machine and other engraving machine equipment, stone engraving machine is used to process stone, such as natural marble, granite, bluestone, sandstone, artificial stone, tombstones, milestones, tiles, floor tiles, metal, glass and hard object materials, most stone hardness is very high, compared to wood, Advertising products, foam, plastic and other materials are much harder, its hardness can even be similar to the hardness of metal, so the spindle on the stone engraving machine optional can not be the same as other engraving machines, you need to choose a special stone engraving spindle motor, preferably 5.5KW high-speed spindle, in order to meet the requirements of stone engraving with ease.If you only need to carve machine some hardness of the stone is not high, you can also choose a lower power spindle to save costs, Cannot be less than 3KW.

Press-fit oiling system


When oiling is needed, we just need to press the handle and the lubricant will be automatically transferred to each position of the machine.

(Can be replaced with fully automatic oiling system)

RichAuto DSP A11 System

RichAuto DSP A11

1. The new three-axis motion mode, to achieve a comprehensive control.

2. Support XYZ drive, spindle inverter processing error alarm prompt function.

3. Large storage space, strong U disk compatibility, fast reading speed, U disk processing more reliable.

4. Intelligent file checking function.

5. With parameter backup, recovery function, effectively prevent the loss of important parameters.

6. Stronger anti-interference, passed many CE tests.

7. Intelligent processing memory function, supporting breakpoint and power-down function.

8. The I/O interface can be customized and edited to provide users with a wide range of development platforms.

Note: This system supports rotary axes and can also be upgraded to a four-axis dedicated system.


Two head stone engraving machine


3D/2D engraving, Embossment, Line engraving Cutting, Edge inversing, Drilling on Natural stones, Granites, Artifical stones, Tombstones, Milestones, Ceramic, etc.

Die industry:
CDopper sculpture,aluminum engrave,metal molds,plastic sheeting,PVC ,etc.

Company Information

Jinan iGolden CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a R&D,manufacturing,sales integration company that specializing in cnc router, laser engraving and cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, cutting plotter,etc.The main configuration all adopt top parts which imported from Italy, Japan,Germany,etc. And welcome to visit us for more choices. 



1.What material does the stone carving machine process?

Most of stone materials, such as natural stone, marble, artificial stone, granite, sandstone, bluestone, terrazzo, and other materials, such as glass, ceramic tile, wood, aluminum plate, copper plate.

2.Which industry does the stone processing machine used for?

Stone background wall, bridge engineering, garden engineering, tombstone engineering and other industries.

3.What kind of work is the stone engraving machine suitable for?

The main function is plane carving, relief, line carving, cutting, lettering, hollowing, chamfering, drilling, etc..

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