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2-4 Multi Head Cnc Router Wood Carving Machine

Multi spindles wood designing machine is specially designed for customers who need mass production. It is equipped with two heads, each head is equipped with two spindles, which run synchronously, and can perform cutting, hollowing, and carving. It is mainly used in the furniture industry, decoration industry, musical instrument industry, mould industry, the craft industry, building model industry, advertising industry, etc.

Multi Spindles CNC Router Machine Description:

Multi spindles CNC router machine is specially designed to meet the processing needs of 3D product size. This kind of CNC router machine can be determined according to the material to be processed, and it can also realize 3D multi-processing by equipping a common CNC machine with a rotating axis.


2 Heads 3D Carving Machine Features :

• High precision, big equippment can engrave 1*1mm small letters, due to the machine high accuracy.

• High travelling height, working height up to 150mm, convenient for the third party to process their semi-finished products, special shaped workpiece.

• Compared to other guide rails, Taiwan Hiwin square guide rails have the features of high precision even through the machine has worked for 2 years.

• Independent NC studio control system: independent computer case for the machine, protecting the computer and the programm from disturbed.

• Intelligent  speed control: working speed intelligently controlled, idlling speed, tool speed, improving efficiency, lengthen tool life, improve yield.

• Easy operation, esay use and learning: easy, convenient, easy learning control system, can be learned in a short time.

2-4 Multi Head Cnc Router Wood Carving Machine Parameter:



X.Y working area




Max. Speed


Max. working speed


Spindle power


Spindle rotating speed


Working delicacy


Repositioning accuracy


Drive motor


Control System

DSP/Ncstudio Control System


G code*.u00*.mmg*.plt

Software Supported

Artcam,Type3,other CAD/CAM

Power (without spindle)


Working voltage


Running Environment

Temperature:0 degree~45 degree


Multi Spindles Wood Designing Machine Appliation:

2-4 Multi Head Cnc Router Wood Carving Machin

  • Woodworking: wooden door and furniture, windows, tables and chairs,cabinets and panels, 3D wave plate,MDF,computer desk,musical instruments,etc

  • Advertising: billboard, logo,sign,3D characters cutting,acrylic cutting,LED/neon channel, literal-hole cut,lightbox mold,stamp,mould,etc

  • Die industry: copper sculpture,aluminum engrave,metal molds,plastic sheeting,PVC ,etc

  • Decoration: acrylic, density board, artificial stone, organic glass, soft metals like aluminum and copper, etc.

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1.What’s the size of the woodworking machine you have?

For the machine, our standard working size 1300*1300mm, 1300*2500mm, 1500*3000mm. We also can custom it according to your need.

2.What the materials and process can be down by the 3 axis cnc router?

Mdf, wood sheet, acrylic, etc. Suitable for three-dimensional wave board processing, cabinet doors, solid wood doors, screens. It is more used for mass production of small items, such as window patterns,emboss.

3.What software does the woodworking machine use?

Supports various CAD / CAM design and production software such as type3 / Actcam / Castmate / Wentai.

4.What's the difference between 6 spindles and 8 spindles cnc machines?

It reduces the load bearing force of the engraving head and makes the Z axis more stable.
It also works on symmetrical boards.

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