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Foam Cutting Machine

The working principle of CNC machine foam is that it has a thin heated cutting wires made of nicochrome material to do melt cutting instead of mechanical cutting .Because most of foam board has a much bigger dimension which is not able to load onto normal CNC Router Machine table.The easily melt nature of EPS foam makes it possible for such a hot wire cnc foam cutting machine suitable for the cutting work.

Foam Cutting Machine Description:

Foam Cutting Machine, also known as electric heating wire foam cutting machine, CNC foam cutting machine, can be used for material cutting and 3D mold making of polystyrene foam (EPS), polypropylene plastic foaming material (EPP), XPS extruded board.


Electric Heating Wire Foam Cutting Machine:

  • The CNC machining machine adopts independent gantry design, gantry can cut benzene board materials in batches.
    Processing accuracy industry first! All mounting surfaces are machined precisely to ensure accurate operation.

  • Cutting software CAXA and AUTOCAD drawings with full Chinese operation can be cut without scanning,coding and programming. It also has on-line simulation function. It is very convenient to use and easy to leam.

  • The transmission system adopts Taiwan-made ball screw and straight-line square rail, with precise transmission without clearance and low noise. It differs from other companies that generally use chains, belts or ordinary fine threaded screw rods. Its service life and precision are vastly different.

  • The overall design adopts the structure of large-scale NC machine tools, and the whole bed adopts the finishing milling of large-scale five-sided milling processing center to maximize the verticality and horizontality of the equipment.

  • All the tables are made of 20m thick high density polyester board, which is milled by the processing center again to ensure the maximum level of the tables, and marked with positioning line and center line, with minimal details.

  • All the control lines adopt flexible shielded cables, high wear resistance, flame retardant, super flexible and bending resistance.

  • The control host adopts a brand-new professional industrial computer or DSP handle.

CNC Machine Foam Parameter Configuration:

Working table effective cutting size 1300mm X 1300mm X 3000mm
X-axis cutting stroke 3000mm
Y axis travel 1300mm
System resolution ± 0.04
Cutting accuracy ± 1mm (electric heating wire material, environment, dry humidity of foam, etc.)
File format G code
Worktable structure Thickened square tube welding
Working voltage AC220V / 20HZ
Transmission mode rack drive

Bed frame

IGOLDENCNC foam cutting machine body is welded with thickened square tube (70 * 140/100 * 200). After five-sided milling, the flattened rail rack surface is milled to ensure the accuracy of equipment operation. It is different from small manufacturers adopting on-site welding and assembly of thin square tubes to ensure the stability of equipment operation and the durability of equipment.
Jiabang foam cutting machine weighs about 800 kilograms, and its operation is more stable. Most of the common beds in the market use 30 * 60 square tubes, and the weight of the whole machine is less than 200 kg. The operation is trembling and the cutting error is large.


Dragon Gate

IGOLDENCNC foam cutting machine is the first gantry in the industry to use aluminum profile material, which is light in weight and not easy to deform. It is different from the common equipment on the market that uses square tube welding: it is top-heavy and it shakes during operation, which affects the processing accuracy.



IGOLDENCNC foam cutting machine table adopts 20mm thick high-density polyester board, which is not deformed and resistant to high temperature. And the use of machining center precision milling to ensure the flatness of the table. The table is equipped with positioning lines to facilitate the alignment of the feeding.
Most of the manufacturers in the market use wooden board, glass, thin aluminum sheet or even no table. It cannot be avoided that the cutting error caused by the deformation of the table top is large. Affect the use effect.



IGOLDENCNC equipment adopts high-precision square linear guide, with high-precision helical rack, high-precision ball screw. Adopt double guide rails plus one screw transmission mode, high precision, long service life, large contact surface, strong load carrying capacity, the use of vertical rail technology can better ensure the stability of operation.
Most of the common equipment in the market use round rails or square rails of ordinary small brands, and the contact area is small. The device is not running smoothly.


Beam fixing method

The beam of IGOLDENCNC foam cutting machine adopts hanging plate fixing method, which makes the equipment run more stable and have higher precision.
It is different from the common equipment beams on the market that squat directly on the bed, and it takes a long time to shake due to the heavy gantry welded by the square tube. Affect the processing accuracy.


Drag chain

IGOLDENCNC numerical control cable national standard grade flexible cable, high quality and long service life. And fixed by towline, anti-interference, anti-winding.
Different from the inferior towline of common foam cutting machine on the market, the durability is higher.


CNC Foam Machine Processing Samples:


Hot wire foam cutting sample

CNC Foam Cutting Machine Application:

APPLICATION:polyvinyl chloride foam(EPS), polypropylene plastic foam material(EPP), XPS Extrusion board.

Mainly for the industry: Foundry industry, advertising industry, film and television props, packaging industry, EPS construction lines, and other industry-specific equipment.

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1.What material can the EPS CNC router machine process?

This machine can make foam such as EPS, also can make wood such as MDF, thin-metal such as aluminum, plastic such as acrylic.

2.What travel speed and working speed of the mold making machine ?

Travel speed is 50000mm/min,working speed is 25000mm/min.

3.Can the CNC machine make cylinder engraving with the rotary?

Yes, can add rotary for achieve cylindrical carving as your requirement.

4.Can you test samples and take videos regards my requirement?

Of course ,you can send us design ,we can make sample and take a video for you.

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