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Cnc Plasma Tube Cutting Machine pipe cutting machine

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CNC Plasma Tube Cutting Machine is a special pipe cutting equipment different shapes can be well cut through on irregular pipes out automatically after data input via control system, with calculation and programming unnecessary. This machine is widely used for pipeline cutting in industries such as construction, chemical, shipbuilding, machinery engineering, metallurgy, electricity etc.

  • iGP-S
  • 16000-20000$


Product Description


Cnc Plasma Tube Cutting Machine pipe cutting machine

Cnc Plasma Tube Cutting Machine pipe cutting machine

  • It provides 3D space cutting solutions, can cut rectangular, conical, polygonal fittings and profiles and other three-dimensional cutting tasks.

  • Systems can be customized to special specifications and applications.

  • User-friendly interface design, easy operating, visualized cutting and calibration process, DSTV NC standards included.

  • Large raw materials library is expandable (including GB, JIS, and ASTM).

  • It can cut all types of bevels for welding process.


Working Area

6000mm length

Cutting Thickness


Table type

Teeth and water table

Moving    Speed


Cutting Speed


Cutting accuracy


Power Supply


Input Voltage

3 Phase 380V

Power Frequency


Flies Transfer

USB Interface

Arc type

Untouched type


stepper moter or Panasonic servo motor

Control system

Starefire/Shanghai Jiaoda control system

Applicable material

Steel,carbon steel,stainless steel, Iron   plate ,aluminum and copper




Cnc Plasma Tube Cutting Machine pipe cutting machine

2D Surface Cutting for Metal Plate or Metal Sheet:

Processing shells of machinery and electronic products, advertising signs, crafts, iron garden, car manufacture, boat building, electrical accessories, board cutting.

3D Rotary Cutting for Round Metal tube and Square Metal tube:

  1.  Intersection cylindrical hole cutting of different directions and diameters on main pipe for vertical intersection between branch pipe and main pipe.

  2. Intersection cylindrical end cutting on brand pipe for vertical intersection between branch pipe and main pipe.

  3. Bevel cutting on Pipe end.

  4. Welding Elbow cutting on pipe.

  5. Branch pipe Intersection end cutting connected with ring main pipe.

  6. Square hole and branch hole cutting on pipe.

  7. Cutting off of pipes.

Company Information

Jinan iGolden CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a R&D,manufacturing,sales integration company that specializing in cnc router, laser engraving and cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, cutting plotter,etc.The main configuration all adopt top parts which imported from Italy, Japan,Germany, etc. And welcome to visit us for more choices. 



1.How much is the plasma cutting machine?

For the plasma cutter, the price is different according to the function and configuration. Please contact us for more details.

2.How to choose the suitable power of the plasma?

It depend on the material thickness you want to processing and the running frequency of the machine. Please let us know which material do you want to process and the thickness.

3.What's material available for the plasma cutting machine?

The plasma cutting machine is only for metal sheet, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, iron, galvanized, etc..

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