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CNC 5 Axis Bridge Cutting Machine for Granite Marble

It can carry out the processing of the five-sided curved surface processing at one time. The 5 axis CNC bridge saw machineis equipped with different process modes including cutting, milling, carving and drilling, and can provide advaned functions of remote control, remote programming, processing documents, remote fault diagnosis., etc.
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CNC 5 axis bridge cutting machine Overview

The CNC 5 axis bridge cutting machine is a cost-effective stone processing machine tailor-made for the majority of stone companies in order to meet the diversified processing needs of the market.

5 axis bridge cutting machine saw tile cutter Description

This 5 axis bridge cutting machine saw tile cutter can be used to realize some advanced functions like: Camera function---positioning typesetting, automatic measurement of plate thickness and tool size, the machine head can rotate 360 degrees and chamfer 90 degree.


Features of CNC 5 axis bridge cutting machine:

1) Monoblock structure for easy transport, installations and no foundation needed.

2) Siemens, Schneider electric and other high quality accesories such as Hiwin linear guide are adopted.

3) 0°, 90°, 180° and 270° automtaic head rotatation and blade positioning.

4)Z axis height can be increased to 1.5 meters, large surface processing, suitable for large and medium-sized three-dimensional surface processing.

5).intelligent processing cross-border protection, to prevent the mechanical impact due to excessive design documents processing.

6)Diversity control can separately control the processing speed, idling speed, cutting speed,greatly improving the quality of speed, greatly improving the quality of speed, greatly improving the quality of processed product and processing efficiency



Spindle Motor And Inverter

Large power 3kw water cooling spindle which is with stable performance, lower noise, powerful and high torque, matched with high-performance frequency inverter.


Advantages of 5 axis bridge cutting machine saw tile cutter

1) Complex Machining Capabilities

granite bridge saw for sale makes it possible to cut intricate parts that would require casting or additional manufacturing steps with traditional machining methods.

2) Increased Productivity

As modern CNC 5 axis bridge cutting machine make simultaneous machining possible, you can cut your parts and components from all sides and angles in a much shorter time and also more accurately. The additional 5th axis via a rotary table (e.g. the MF630 from Quaser)  or a movable spindle head ( see the UR1000 by Takumi) reduces the number of CNC processing steps, shortens your manufacturing chain and therefore increases your overall productivity.

3) Shorter Lead Time

Especially important for industries with extremely short time to market expectations such as the automotive or the aerospace industry. 5 axis machining not only speeds up the manufacturing process it also allows for new, more efficient ways of cutting and milling the same part and also tool-wear compensation strategies. In some cases, this can reduce the lead time from several weeks to just a few days.

4) Cost Reduction

Due to the speed boost from 5-Axis CNC machining compared to 3+2 setups or 3-axis machining that involves recalibration and reprogramming, the overall production time and as a consequence the cost per part decreases drastically.

5) Single Setup & Automation

Though the programming requirements and automation process might seem overwhelming at first when switching from a 3-Axis CNC to a 5-Axis CNC machine, the productivity gains definitely outweigh the initial effort: more accurate cutting, smoother surfaces finishes, and faster cutting speeds all in one setup.

6) Greater Accuracy & Flexibility

A 5-Axis CNC machine offers much more precision and machining flexibility than a 3- or 3+2 Axis machine. When it comes to machining complex parts with intricate details for the aerospace or medical industry, the overall performance and accuracy of a 5-Axis CNC machine with a dedicated controller will ensure that your finished product meets the quality, safety, and reliability specifications.

CNC Bridge Stone Saw Applications:

Marble, Granite, standstone,glass,headstone, tablet,such as ceramic engraving and cutting machine. Have mainly three functions: cutting, polishing the edge, cut hole in sink.

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