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Furniture Making Machine

Nesting CNC machine is also known as CNC nesting machine, CNC nesting machining center, furniture production line, it is a CNC solution for customized furniture production such as wardrobe, cabinets and office furniture. In the production process, the operator just as porters, the Intelligent CNC nesting machines can realize automatic paste barcode, automatic feeding, drilling, slotting, cutting, automatic uploading, automatic retrieval processes for cutting side hole, slot on the back, back hole, the whole process don't need human judgment, automatic processing, get rid of the dependence of woodworking professional and technical workers.

  • Automatic Edge Banding Machine with Rotary Line
    Automatic Edge Banding Machine with Rotary Line suitable for linear edge banding and edge banding materials of solid wood board, fiberboard, particle board and other plate workpieces.
  • CNC Kitchen Cabinet Door Making Production Line
    Kitchen cabinet door making machine wood door making machine,Full automatic wood kitchen cabinet door making cnc router machinery .We can customize the most suitable machine for you according to the materials you process and the production process, such as changing the working size, changing the spindle, table, motor, etc.
  • CNC Kitchen Cabinet Production Line
    CNC Machine Cabinet Making,kitchen Cabinet Making Equipments -CNC Cabinet Making Machines,IGOLDEN offers the cabinet making industry a wide selection of furniture-making machinery and high-quality accessory tooling including Boring Heads and aggregates, auto loading & unloading handling system for use in cabinet & door making, furniture and case goods applications.
  • Panel Furniture Production Machine
    Whole House Custom Furniture Production Machine,cabinet door production line, wardrobe door carving machine, cabinet door CNC hole material machine,CNC Six-sided drilling and milling center, door plate processing center, etc. it can realize easily implement the shape of various cabinets through the design of intelligent software. erfect combination of processes like automatic labeling, automatic feeding, optimized material cutting, punching, slotting, automatic cutting, it can realize high efficiency and maximum output.
  • Kitchen Cabinet Making Machine Production Line
    Cabinet Making Furniture Production Line,panel furniture and cabinet production line is mainly composed of CNC cutting machine,With intelligent , humanization, and high automatic operation, this machine can make the operator much more easier for handling all, any people can learn in couple hours for operating , can save cost of labor.
  • Cost Effective Four Process Cabinet Making Cutting Machine
    The pneumatic 4 process cabinet cnc machine is a multi-function automatic CNC nesting machine, which integrates cutting, chamfering, relief, hollowing, punching, slotting and other processes, while meeting the processing requirements of cabinet doors and cabinets.
  • MDF Wood Board Cutting Computer Panel Saw Machines Table Saw
    The electronic cutting saw has a wide range of uses. Because of its high rotation speed, the electronic cutting saw can be widely used in: precision casting of furniture factories, electrical appliances factories, garment factories, toy factories, hardware factories, etc.
  • 1325 Automated Woodworking Engraving Machine CNC Router
    Automatic tool changer (ATC) CNC Router machine is suitable for the processing of various complex products or a variety of processing. It can be equipped with 6, 8, 10, 12 tools according to the different production process requirements of customers.
  • ATC Furniture Cabinet Making Cutting Machine with Drilling
    The Atc CNC Nesting Router Machine with Vertical Drilling is equipped with 9-hole drilling bag, equipped with a 9.0kw air-cooled spindle, and independent operation. Usually used in conjunction with labelling coding machines and automatic loading and unloading platforms. High speed, high precision, high efficiency and stability. It is suitable for processing various cabinet doors and wooden doors.
  • Wood Panel Sliding Table Saw Machine
    Sliding Table Saws for Wood are also called sliding table saws, precision sliding table saws, woodworking precision panel saws, and precision saw panel sliding table saws.
  • CNC Wood Door Making Machine Processing Center
    The ATC nesting CNC machine with line tool changer is equipped with a 9.0kw air-cooled spindle, and independent operation.  High speed, high precision, high efficiency and stability. At the same time, it is equipped with multifunction row  drilling package and level spindle, which can drill holes, mill grooves,It is suitable for processing various cabinet doors and wooden doors.
  • Best Cnc Wood Board Cutting Machine with Saw Blade
    Automatic tool changer cnc router with saw cutting head. 9.Okw spindle with 8pcs auto tools changer, and saw blade head can cut X Y axis direction workpiece. which suitable for furniture woodworking, aluminum plate cutting.

How Does a CNC Nesting Machine Work?

The working path is automatically generated by the software. Through the intelligent design software to split single 3D modeling,it can realize the real effect of map rendering. Customized furniture shape and size at a glance. After the automatic assembly generated a single panel report and hardware statements, and outputs all sheet drawing format (DXF format drawings belonging to a common format, it can be open in all the CNC router software), each piece of plate holes, slots are automatically generated. Through the optimization by the automatic layout software to optimize the layout and generate the processing path (NC program), to maximize use of raw materials.

Furniture Production Line (nesting CNC machine) can completely mass production of customized furniture, semi-finished products processing can be clearly 
distinguished, not easy to confuse.

Furniture Production Line (nesting CNC machine) can reduce labor, improve the utilization of raw materials, greatly reduce production costs.

In the convey belt uploading table, it has two laser radiation sensor, when the workpiece arrival to the sensor, the convey will stop automatically. When the worker take off the workpieces,the convey continue to run until the sensor detect next workpieces.


    How to get the most suitable model with competitive price?

    Please tell me what’s material you want to cutting or engraving?
    And what’s MAX size of carved material ?
    Do you mainly engrave or cut?
    If cut,What is your Max.cutting thickness?
    would you mind showing me your sample pictures?
  • I am new to CNC, how difficult are your machines to operate?

    We help a lot of beginners in CNC, if you have a reasonable knowledge of computers and are willing to spend a little time learning it is not that bad. Quite often when we sell a machine we send the manual and CD’s out before the machine is ready for the customer to read ahead.
  • Do you offer training about products?

    Yes, we can assign technician arrive at your company for the training at some charge, and accommodation, food, tickets will be charged.Yes, we can assign technician arrive at your company for the training at some charge, and accommodation, food, tickets will be charged.
  • Are you a factory or trading company?

    We are the manufacturer and we have 10+ years factory experience. As only the machine made by ourself, quality can be trusted, and the most important thing is that we can do better after sales service. We know how to fix the problem of every part easliy, so welcome to visit to our factory.
  • How to purchase cnc router?

    Usually, we send machine by ship, sometimes, as customer’s requirement, send by air or by train. When the goods arrive at your sea port or destination, you can pick up goods with the bill of lading we offered. Or we can arrange the cargo agent to send goods to your door. Under FOB/CIF term, you could assign your own cargo agent to clear customs and pick up goods at sea port warehouse, under DDP/DDU term, we could arrange goods at your door. Please notice that the truck drivers are not required to assist you with unloading the machinery. It’s your responsibility to move it into your shop. In most cases a forklift will be required.
  • How can i get the machine?

    CIF:Almost finish production →order shipment and confirm shipping date→delivery machine to port
    of loading→declare at customs→shipping→delivery to port of destination
    FOB:Almost Finish production→tell us your shipping agent contacts and confirm shipping date→
    delivery machine to port of loading→declare at customs→shipping→delivery to port of destination
    DDP:Almost finish production →order shipment and confirm shipping date→delivery machine to port of loading→declare at customs→shipping→delivery to port of destination-clearance-delivery machine to your place
  • How about the documents after shipment?

    After shipment, we ll send all original documents to you by DHL, including Packing List, Commercial Invoice, B/L, and other certificates as required by clients.
  • What are the common cutting materials for fiber laser cutting machines?

    Stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, gold, silver, copper and aluminum.
Stone CNC machine is designed for stone carving and can cut, engrave, and drill on marble, granite, travertine, limestone, onyx, soapstone, slate, quartzite, and other materials. It is suitable for fireplaces, countertops, sinks, and desks in kitchens, bathrooms, residential, hotel, and office buildings.



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