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3 Axis / 4 Axis Integrated Infrared Stone Cutting Machine

The Integrated Infrared stone cutting machine has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, high cutting precision, high stability and easy operation, etc. It is especially suitable for cutting high-value and large-sized granite and marble slabs.




Integrated Infrared Stone Cutting Machine Description:

Infrared Integrated Bridge Cutter with function of 0°-90°-180°-270° full automatic positioning, chamfering and cutting,  is suitable for  processing stone slab cut to size, tombstone, skirtboard etc.


Infrared Integrated Bridge Cutter  Parameters


3 Axis / 4 Axis Integrated Infrared Stone Cutting Machine

The machine adopts a bridge-type integrated structure, the structure is reasonable and stable, no need to disassemble, install, and move easily.

Using high-precision linear square rail, high precision, good wear resistance and long service life.

The machine head can automatically rotate 0-45°-90°/0-360° in parallel, and can automatically perform 45-degree chamfer cutting.

The system adopts self-developed PLC programming system and touch screen operation interface, which is easy to operate/fast/humanized. High-power servo motors are used for front, rear, left and right walking, with fast walking speed and high cutting accuracy.

The platform can be tilted 0-89°, which is convenient for placing large boards.

The four-axis integrated infrared stone cutting machine has the functions of diamond, special-shaped cutting and four-sided chamfering, seamless cutting/horse belly/circle/sector/oval/rectangular pot hole. Wider application range and stronger practicability.

It is especially suitable for special-shaped cutting of various types of stone such as marble/granite/artificial stone/ceramic/slate.

Infrared Granite Cutting Machine Sample


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